Welcome to Earth Science 2017-2018!
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Tutorial: M-Th 3:15 - 3:45 pm
Study Hall: B Block; Planning Period: E Block



Thursday 18th January Block F
Friday 19th January Blocks A, C, D and G

Get creative with your volcanoes. Paint them! Add pop-rock candy for sound effects! Laundry detergent and food coloring for lava! Have an idea, pass it by me for approval. Please no open flames or flammable/ caustic liquids.

Forces in the Earth's Crust worksheet due:

Wednesday 17th January Blocks F and G
Thursday 18th January Blocks A, C, D

Welcome to 2018!

Let's start the year and end the semester with a grade boosting QUIZ!

The quiz will be on Plate Tectonics with specific emphasis on Tectonic Plate Boundaries and the Types of Volcanoes that develop on them.

Please see the guide to what you should be studying attached.

Seafloor spreading worksheet due Tuesday 19th December ALL BLOCKS

Theory of Plate Tectonics Worksheet

Due Wednesday 13th December
Blocks F and G
Due Thursday 14th December
Blocks A, C, and D

Drifting Continents worksheet

Due Tuesday 11th December
Blocks A, F, and G
Due Wednesday 12th December
Blocks D and C

Earth Science Test Blocks F on Thursday 14th December and on Friday 15th December for Blocks A, C, D, and G. The test will be on Density, Planetary Differentiation and Mantle Convection. Study guide attached.


Weekend Homework Layers of the Earth Webquest


Due Monday 11th December 2017 ALL BLOCKS.

Calculating Density Homework:

Due Tuesday 5th December 2017 Blocks A, F, and G
Due Wednesday 6th December 2017 Blocks D and C

Welcome back. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Break!

Please bring your Mineral ID flow chart and Quiz study guides to class on Monday 27th November. You will get an opportunity to use the minerals and test the "flow" of your ID chart.

Our Mineral Quiz will be as follows:

Wednesday 29th November Block G
Thursday 30th November Blocks A, D and F
Friday 1st December Blocks C


Weekend Homework DUE ON MONDAY 20th 2017

Please complete your mineral ID flowcharts. I will collect them on Monday.

Also complete your Mineral Presentations started in class today. Presentations to be done in class on Monday. Remember the objective of this assignment is to teach yourself and classmates a little more about the minerals that you have been working with in class.
Make your slides interesting. Include lots of pictures and fun facts about your mineral e.g. Avery found that we consume 28 pounds of Gypsum in our lifetime! Gypsum is used in toothpaste, ice cream, canned good, and blue-cheese!


Slide 1: Title of your presentation
Slides 2 and 3: Chemical/ Elemental composition. Sources of the mineral - where is it found? How is the mineral obtained?
Slides 4 and 5: How is your mineral used in everyday life? Include lots of examples and interesting facts.
Slide 6: URL of web-pages used. Please use primary sources.

F Block will work on their presentations on Monday.

NO MINERAL QUIZ on Monday 20th November 2017. We will do the Mineral Quiz when we return from Thanksgiving Break!

Due Monday 13th November ALL BLOCKS Picture1.png

  1. Final draft of your crystal growing lab report. You will be graded on this final draft and be given an opportunity to regain 50% of lost credit after 1 round of revisions. Review your notes on the fundamentals of a good lab report. Please see the attached instructions and use them to assist you!

  3. PRE-LAB 7 questions from Mineral Identification Lab packet.

Please note, all students that missed their crystal growing lab day need to make up the assignment during their study hall or another time maybe lunch-recess (by appointment). You need at least 45 minutes to complete the lab so completing the assignment during tutorial may not be an option. See me today (11/9)
Please stop by the Science room to check on your crystal. Some crystals are growing marvelously others NOT SO MUCH! There are fixed we can try if you see no crystal growth occurring after 24 hours!

Many of you have NOT submitted home and classwork for this NEW Quarter. Please come to class on Monday 6th November with the following outstanding work for credit! Let's not get off to a bad start this Quarter!

  1. Mineral Mania worksheet
  2. Chapter 4 Minerals
  3. Mineral 3D Shapes
  4. Mineral/ Rocks and their uses (BLOCKS A,D,C and F ONLY)

Cut and assemble mineral crystal shapes due:

Tuesday Oct. 31st October Blocks A, F and G
Wednesday Nov. 1st Blocks C and D

Chapter 4 and Mineral Mania worksheets

Thursday blocks A, C, D
Friday Blocks F and G

TEST Monday 23rd October. ALL BLOCKS

Borh Model Homework

Due Thursday D and F Block and Friday B, C and G Blocks

Organizing Elements Worksheet read and answer all questions. Atom Building Worksheet - Do part 2. Part 1 is optional for now.

Due Tuesday 10th October Blocks A, F and G.
Due Wednesday 11th October Blocks C and D.

Why does Matter Matter and Describing Matter worksheets due:

Thursday 5th October Block F
Friday 6th October Blocks A, C, D and G


Solar System packet due on day of quiz.

Moons Packet

Due Monday 25th September ALL Blocks

Complete your 5 Science questions and answers

Round table discussion on the Doppler Effect, Redshifts, Blueshifts, Hubble Theory and the Big Bang.

Complete Part 2 of our Expanding Universe Packet due next class


Complete Part 1 of our Expanding Universe Packet due next class


Balloon lab

Due Tuesday 19th September 2017 for Blocks A, B, F and G and Wednesday 20th September for Block C.

Planet Packet due Monday 18th September 2017 All Blocks


Homework: Due Wednesday Block G, and F. Thursday Block A.

Complete Guided notes from "The Big Bang to Present Day" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eKIjkk0NVY and Solar System Crossword.

Study Guide for Quiz 1

Science Quiz JPEG.jpg

QUIZ - ALL BLOCKS Monday 11th September 2017

Topics covered include:
  1. Lab safety
  2. The Scientific Method including Variables
  3. Type of Bias
  4. Spotting bias in experimental design and execution
  5. Accuracy and Precision
  6. Law and Theory

PLEASE come to tutorial for extra help - Monday to Thursday 3:15 to 3:45 pm.

HOMEWORK Due 9/05/17 and 9/06/17

  • Scientific Method - Controls and Variables Parts 1 and 2 Due 9/5 for Blocks A, F, G. Please also read and make talking points on the "Discussion Questions" handout. Come to class (9/5) prepared to lead a vibrant seminar on "What is real Science" and "What is the place of observational studies in Science".

  • Scientific Method - Controls and Variables Parts 1 and 2 Due 9/6 for Blocks C and D. Please also read and make talking points on the "Discussion Questions" handout. Come to class (9/5) prepared to lead a vibrant seminar on "What is real Science" and "What is the place of observational studies in Science".


HOMEWORK Due 8/31/17 and 9/1-17

  • Introduction to the Scientific Method Worksheet Due 8/31 for Block F and A.

  • Introduction to the Scientific Method Worksheet Due 9/01 for Block C, D, and G.

HOMEWORK Due 8/28/17

  • Flynn Science Safety Contracts DUE today.
  • Signed Syllabus DUE today.
This is your grade breakdown. Be responsible and SMART. Don’t let the sure or eagy points ones get away!!
  • Tests 25%
  • Quizzes 25%
  • Classroom Participation 15%

  • Classwork, Labs, and Projects 25%

  • Homework 10%

Earth Scientists, homework (ABOUT 20 minutes worth) will be assigned and serves to 1) confirm/ reinforce an understanding of the day's lesson and 2) prepare you for tomorrow's lesson.Not doing or handing in the homework on time defeat both objectives.
Please note that unless there is a school issued accommodation, late homework will not be accepted.

up to 50% of the