Ms. Kolb's 8th Grade Theatre

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2017-18 Syllabus

*First set of 2 reviews due before January 12, 2018*Second set of 2 reviews due before May 18, 2018
How to Write a Theatrical Review

Theatre Critique Examples
Class Warmup
Rehearsal Etiquette


Due Monday, 5/21
Two Theatre Reviews

Only Nico, Henry, and Rubi have let me know that they will be doing one review as a presentation, which will take place on Wednesday, 5/23. All other typed reviews are due before/on Monday, 5/21. No exceptions.

For Monday, 4/30:

While I'm out this week, you will rehearse your chosen scene with your partner to begin performing the scenes on Monday.

While rehearsing, please consider who you are, how old, where you come from, etc., in order to understand the backstory of your character and the scene. Take time to discuss as scene partners how your characters are related, how you know each other, etc. Make sure to create realistic characters (or as realistic as possible).

You may use set pieces- table, chairs, but please refrain from using any props. Use your pantomime skills!


Estelle/Kayla- Catherine & Cosette
Rubi/Genesis- Juliet & Ophelia
Mia/Will- Juliet & Ophelia
Sophia/Nico- Juliet & Ophelia
Henry/Lawrence- Jose & Pete
Henry/Christian- Julien & Oscar
Vlad/Nate- Jose & Pete
Wyatt/Harrison- Charles & Casey

For Wednesday, 3/21:

Complete the "Creating A Character Profile" worksheets for both characters so we can share them with the class on Wednesday. Please be thoughtful. These are real people!

For Monday, 3/5:

Come up with at least three examples of using your body language to better portray your character in Midsummer. How you stand, use your hands, walk, etc. You need to explain when and where you'd use them and why and show us. For example: As Oberon, I would put my hands on my hips (think Superman) to show that I am in a position of power.

Please don't forget that your Classmate Observations are due each Friday. You must have three sentences/bullet points per class period for a total of 12 points (1 point per observation).

All actors must be off-book (memorized) by Monday, January 22nd!

Due Monday, December 18:
Shakesbook Profile (10 points)

Reminder: Two theatre critiques are due before January 12th. If you haven't seen anything yet, please take advantage of the two week vacation. Visit this website if you are having trouble finding shows to see!

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Nate- Director
Henry/Wyatt- Asst. Directors
Vlad- Stage Manager
Ms. Kolb- Producer

Nico- Oberon
Harrison- Robin
Estelle- Helena
Kayla- Hermia
Genesis- Titania
Henry- Bottom
Wyatt- Theseus
Mia- Hippolyta, Narrator
Lawrence- Egeus
Vlad- Philostrate
Sophia- Quince/Prologue
Ruby- Flute/Thisbe
Nate- Snout/Wall

Midsummer Character Map

Friday, December 1:

For Monday, 12/4 - Finish reading Act I, then read Act II of A Midsummer Night's Dream, pages 23-65 (reading only the right side modern text)

Week of October 16

Tuesday, 10/17 - Does Not MeetMonday, 10/16 - Finish polishing your duet Pantomime
Week of October 9
Friday, 10/6 - No School (Williamsburg trip)
Thursday, 10/5 - None
Wednesday, 10/4 - Pick one recommended play and write up the synopsis and character list.
Monday, 10/2 - No School (Indigenous Peoples' Day)

Week of October 2
Friday, 10/6 (Due Wednesday, 10/11) - Bring in the name of a Shakespeare play for consideration by the class.
Thursday, 10/5 - Continue to work on your Duet Pantomime
Wednesday, 10/4 - Continue to work on your Duet Pantomime
Monday, 10/2 - Continue to work on your Duet Pantomime

Due Friday, September 1: Create a tweet of 140 characters (total) which begins as #theatreis...
Due Thursday, August 31: Find a quote that is meaningful to you. Include the author and source as well as an explanation on how it spoke to you.