Welcome to 6th Grade Science

Question, Explore, Observe, Discover

The Basics

Beginning of the Year: Syllabus Mission Guide for Parents

Science Notebook: Table of Contents

Link to Schoology (Where you can find your assignments!!)

Link to Google Classroom

Link to Science in Context (Database to help you with Science Research):

Link to Library Wiki for other Research Help:

Link to Noodle Tools (For Citations!)
- Password: latinlibrary

Lab Report Notes:

Cool Tech Resources
Animated Videos:
Animated Videos:
Digital Posters:
Links to multiple video and other tools:

Scratch Computer Programming:
Khan Academy Java Computer Programming:

Classwork and Nightly Homework

Ecosystems Mission 1: 100XP due Wednesday 9/13 at 11:59 pm (

In Class
Homework (XP Goal)
Monday 9/18
Chesapeake Bay Annotations
(Link to Example)
Ecosystems Mission 2 - 35 XP
Finish Annotations, if needed (in
Tuesday 9/19
Mission/Catch Up Day
Ecosystems Mission 2 - 50 XP
Wednesday 9/20
Air Pollution Lab, Day 2
Ecosystems Mission 2 - 50 XP
Finish Lab Conclusion, if needed
Thursday 9/21
Pervious/Impervious Lab
Ecosystems Mission 2 - 60 XP
Friday 9/22
Pervious/Impervious Lab, day 2
Ecosystems Mission 2 - 60 XP

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