Welcome to 8th grade US History!Erin Coppola-Kleinecoppola-klein@latinpcs.org
Our class web site is up and running! Check out ckushistory8.weebly.com for class notes, homework, and handouts organized by unit. Here is a link to a digital copy of our textbook; the username is latinpcs and the password is history8.

  • read ch 4.2 and write a journal entry from the perspective of a colonist with 5 facts from the reading underlined (due Tuesday, 9/19 - Sections E, F; due Wednesday, 9/20 - Sections C, D)
  • organize your binder roughly in the order listed below (due Wednesday, 9/20 - Sections E, F; due Thursday, 9/21 - Sections C, D)
    • Course Overview
    • We and They
    • TEDtalk
    • classical opinion/connotation and denotation
    • TAB
    • ch 1.1-2 hw (First Americans)
    • Populating the Americas/Portugal outline
    • ch 2.1 hw (European Exploration)
    • Nystrom Exploration handout
    • mapping in color
    • Columbian Exchange map
    • pop quiz
    • Spanish/Portuguese and French colonization PowerPoint
    • ch 4.3 hw (Transatlantic Slave Trade)
    • Nystrom transatlantic slavery handout
    • Transatlantic slavery PowerPoint
    • Triangular Trade simulation notes
    • ch 3 homework questions and vocab (vocab completed)
    • ch 3 chart (North American Colonies)
    • ch 4.3 hw (Life in the Colonies)
  • create a citation for the information found here using NoodleTools (due Monday, 9/25 - Sections C, D, E, F)

  • Complete your assigned section of ch 3 (due Tuesday, 9/12 - Sections F, E; due Wednesday, 9/13 - Sections C, D)
  • write a 1 paragraph reflection about the Triangular Trade simulation (due Thursday, 9/14 - Section F; due Friday, 9/15 - Sections C, E; due Monday, 9/18 - Section D)

  • Mapping in Color handout (due Wednesday, September 6 - Sections C, D, E, F)
  • Columbian Exchange map (due Wednesday, September 6 - Sections C, E, F; due Thursday, September 7 - Section D)
  • ch 4.3 handout (due Thursday, September 7 - Section F; due Friday, September 8 - Sections C, D, E)

  • read ch 1.1-2 and answer the ?s on a sheet of lined paper using complete sentences (due Tuesday, September 29 - Sections E and F; due Wednesday, September 30 - Section D)
    1. How did learning to farm and raise animals change the way of life for Native Americans?
    2. What culture areas continued to use hunting as a main source of food?
    3. Explain why these groups might NOT have started farming?
  • read ch 2.1 and answer the ?s on a sheet of lined paper using complete sentences
    1. What group may have arrived before Columbus? What proof of this arrival exists?
    2. What did Portugal refuse to finance Columbus' trip?
    3. What is the "Columbian Exchange?" What were its positive effects?

  • read the course overview and note any questions or areas of confusion to discuss in class (due Thursday, 9/24 - all Sections)
  • sign with a parent/guardian the course overview to show you understand and agree to the expectations (due Friday, 9/25 - all Sections)
  • watch Chimamanda Adichie's 2009 TEDtalk and write in complete sentences: (due Monday, 9/28 - Sections D, E, G; due Wednesday, 9/30 - Section C)
    • three points she is making (in your own words)
    • two questions you have
    • one reaction to her presentation