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Please check out the website for class PowerPoints (daily presentations, good for notes), homework, and handouts organized by unit.
Here is a link to a digital copy of our textbook; the username is latinpcs and the password is history8.
Here is a link to the syllabus:
Homework: Week of January 16th
  • Choose your speech and begin preparing for your presentation. Speech must be chosen by Friday, January 19th. Speech must be delivered and summary submitted by Friday, February 2nd.
  • Read the articles on The Election of 1860 and Abraham Lincoln and on the Underground Railroad. Answer the comprehension questions. DUE on Wednesday, January 17th.

Homework: Week of January 8th
  • Please play a few rounds of the "Flight to Freedom" game (visit: http://www.mission-us.org/pages/landing-mission-2). Answer the following questions (DUE on Tuesday, January 16th):
    • What did you notice in the game that was historically accurate?
    • What was historically inaccurate? (Push yourself to go beyond superficial answers.)
    • If you were a game designer, what would you change to make the game better, without making it historically inaccurate.
  • Complete the worksheet related to our lesson on Frederick Douglass. (DUE on Wednesday, January 10th)

  • Prepare for your verdict report presentations based on the Amistad case (DUE on Tuesday, January 9th)

Homework: Week of January 1st
  • Read the Amstad case file -- annotate the document (DUE on Monday, January 8th)
  • Complete the handout on "King Cotton" (due on Friday, January 5th)

  • In your textbook: read Section 11.3 and the “Missouri Compromise” section in 11.4; complete handout (due on Wednesday, January 3rd)

Homework: Week of December 18th

  • Complete The Missouri Compromise Reading assignment (due on Tuesday, December 19th)
  • Begin working on the year-to-date reflection questions (will be completed in class on December 19th)

Homework: Week of December 11th

Complete the map packet multi-day homework assigned Monday (due Friday, 12/15) -- counts as three homework assignments
Complete the seminar reflection document -- the full DBQ packet will be due on Monday, December 18th (this will count as a unit test grade)

Homework: Week of December 4thAnswer the questions on the Moving West worksheet. Due: Friday, December 8th.

Use pages 317-319 of your textbook to help you make a list of 10 events related to the Lewis & Clark Expedition (include year and month, where possible). Due: Tuesday, December 5th.
Homework: Week of November 27th, 2017
Complete the Nystrom mapping assignment. Due: Monday, December 4th.

Imagine you are a member of the Corps of Discovery. Write a one page letter home (as a member of Lewis and Clark’s expedition) about one of the following events: (1) The encounter with the Teton Sioux; (2) The fork in the Missouri River leading to Great Falls; (3) The importance of Sacagawea; (4) The importance of help from Native tribes. Due: Friday, December 1st.

Read pages 314-316 in your textbook. Write a letter from James Monroe to Thomas Jefferson describing the benefits of the purchase of the Louisiana territory in 1803. Your letter should be written in complete sentences and include a greeting and a closing. Due: Tuesday, November 28th.

Homework: Week of November 13th, 2017
Prepare for the Unit 2 Test on Monday, November 20th.

Homework: Week of November 6th, 2017
Read the article: "A Very Messy Tea Party" and answer the comprehension questions. Due Monday, November 13th.

Read the Paul Revere poem. Be prepared to work on the comprehension questions in class. Due Wednesday, November 8th.

Read the articles distributed in class. Write down five complaints from the colonists and five concerns that the British may have had. Due Tuesday, November 7th.

Homework: Week of October 30th, 2017
Read the primary source document assigned to you (there are three different documents for three different groups). Write down the key facts of what happened. Due Monday, November 6th.Create a timeline of 10 significant events leading up to the Revolutionary War based on sections 5.1 and 5.2 in your textbook: Due Wednesday, November 1stRead Chapter 5, section 1 in the textbook: Due Tuesday, October 31st

Homework: Week of October 23rd, 2017Submit your idea for your independent reading book project. Due Friday, October 27thComplete the Nystrom mapping activity based on the French and Indian War. Due Friday, October 27th
Read chapter 5, section 2 of your textbook. Write a letter to King George sharing how you feel about the treatment of the British colonists. Underline three facts in your letter from the reading. Due: Wednesday, October 25th

Homework: Week of October 16th, 2017
Revised deadlines on the independent reading project:
Book report project ideas due: Friday, October 27th
Book report project due: Tuesday, November 7th

Unit Test on Wednesday, October 18th
Slides from today's Review PPT and the link to the Jeopardy Game are below:

The Study Guide is below:

Homework: Week of October 1oth, 2017
Use the VoiceThread Review worksheet to record at least one fact about each of the colonies. You will need to review each of the VoiceThread presentations shared with the class. Due Monday, October 16th.

Unit Test on Colonization and Exploration: Wednesday, October 18th.

Homework: Weeks of September 25th and October 2nd, 2017
Colonial VoiceThread Project - due Wednesday, October 4 by 3:15 pm
  • Since last week you have been familiarizing yourself with the different platforms you will need to use to complete the VoiceThread project
  • Suggested intermediate deadlines (intended as a guide; work to complete these before you go to bed on the deadline day)
    • Friday, 9/29 - research completed and notecards organized for "script"
    • Monday, 10/2 - images selected and uploaded
    • Tuesday, 10/2 - recorded vocal track and VT shared with class
    • Wednesday, 10/4 - comments complete (in class)

Create a VoiceThread that shows some aspect(s) of who you are - minimum of three slides and less than 1 minute; (due Wednesday, 9/27) -- NOTE THE CHANGE IN DUE DATE
Reference sheet below:

Homework: Week of September 18th, 2017
Create a citation for the information found here using NoodleTools. And create a notecard that paraphrases the information in the first two paragraphs. DUE: Monday, September 25th.

Read chapter 4, section 2 of your textbook. Complete the assignment below (due by Friday, September 22nd)
Homework: Week of September 11th, 2017Please use the document below to make pop quiz corrections (these are due by Monday, September 18th)
If you have more than six corrections, you can make additional copies. You can also see Mr. Anderson or Mr. Hill for hard copies.Complete your assigned section of Chapter 3 in the textbook (DUE: Friday, September 15th)
Complete the worksheet on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (DUE: Wednesday, September 13th)
Write 2-3 sentence responses to each of the questions below: (Due: Tuesday, September 12th)
  1. How do you think slavery has shaped our country?
  2. Do you think the US would be different if slavery had not occurred? How or why not?

Homework: Week of September 4th, 2017Complete in-class assignment on The Columbia Exchange (DUE: Monday, September 11th)
Complete in-class assignment on slavery (DUE: Friday, September 8th)
Complete handout based on Chapter 4, Section 3 of the textbook (DUE: Friday, September 8th)

Complete in-class assignment on European Exploration: (DUE: Wednesday, September 6th)
Read ch. 4.3 in the textbook (DUE: Wednesday, September 6th)
Resource for students to review (optional):
Khan Academy Youtube video: https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/us-history/precontact-and-early-colonial-era

Homework: Week of August 28th, 2017Resource for students to review (optional):
Khan Academy Youtube Video: “Native Societies Before Contact”

Read ch. 2.1 in the history textbook and complete the activities on the worksheets below:
DUE: Friday, September 1st

Read ch 1.1-1.2 in the history textbook and answer the questions on a sheet of lined paper using complete sentences (DUE: Wednesday, August 30th)
  1. 1. How did learning to farm and raise animals change the way of life for Native Americans?
  2. 2. Explain why would these groups might NOT have started farming?
  3. 3. What culture areas continued to use hunting as a main source of food?

Write a paragraph explaining one opinion you have (could be about anything). Remember, the topic needs to be something about which you are an authority (where you have collected a fair amount of knowledge). DUE: Tuesday, August 29th.

Homework: Week of August 23rd, 2017

Watch the Chimamanda Adichie's 2009 TED talk and write the following in complete sentences:
  • Three points she is making (in your own words)
  • Two questions you have
  • One reaction to her presentation

Review the syllabus distributed in class (please see above). Both the student and a parent/guardian must sign the acknowledgment form.

Write 2-3 sentence responses to each of the questions below:
●1.How do you think slavery has shaped our country?●2.Do you think the US would be different if slavery had not occurred? How or why not?