There will be a last LYCU quiz on Thursday June 1,
June 2 LYCU booklets are due!

Today's Topic
May 22
Fortune Telling- adjectives and review of 'esse'
page 114 in workbook
Tuesday May 23
May 23
Pompeii: two videos
Reading handout: make 6 questions of your own
Wednesday May 24
May 24
Derivatives Chapter IX (9)
read page 115 and do page 116 in workbook
Thursday May 25
May 25
Derivative Hunt
do pages 117 & 118 in workbook
Friday May 26
May 26
Adjectives Bingo/Lycu phrases
If you have not finished your workbook through page 121,
please do so for Tuesday: last day to hand in workbooks
Tuesday May 30

The Latin Wanted Project is due Monday May 15.
There will be a test on Chapters 7 & 8 on Wednesday May 17.

Today's topic
May 15
Review of Numerals and LYCUs
Derivative Story from Latin numbers
Tuesday May 14
May 16
Review of irregular verbs, of nouns singular and plural and
map of Ancient Roman world
Study for test
Wed may 17
May 17
Chapter 7 & 8 Test
Thurs may 18
May 18
new vocab/Lycu
learn first ten vocab words page 112
Fri may 19
May 19
new vocab//derivatives
learn next ten vocab words page 112
write 20 nouns with adjectives
Mon May 22

Today's topic
May 8
work on Latin project
Monday May 15
May 9
LYCU phrases
work on Latin project
Monday May 15
May 10
Sing Plural Noun Verb agreement review
finish working on skits
work on Latin project
Monday May 15
May 11
historical skit presentations
work on Latin project
make sure Latin workbook is up to date -page 110
Monday May 15
May 12
LYCU review for B Derivatives for E and skit
presentations for F and D
Derivative story from Deriviative List of Latin numbers.
One from each column ( 12) for full grade 24 (2 from each column) for extra credit
Monday May 15 or Tuesday May 16.

Today's Topic
May 1
Plurals of nouns review
page 109 of workbook
May 2
May 2
Noun verb agreement review
page 110 of workbook
May 3
May 3
Roman History skits/Cloelia video
make sure all of Chapters 7 & 8 in workbook is done
May 4
May 4
vocab review and Roman history skits
work on Latin Wanted Project
which is due on Monday May 15
May 5
May 5
subject verb agreement exercise plus
work on Roman History skits
until next Wednesday May 10
homework is to catch up in workbook and work on Latin Wanted project
May 8

Today's Topic
April 24
New Vocab chapter 8 /irregular verbs
make flashcards of first ten vocab words page 103
Tues April 25
April 25
we are from poem /LYCU phrases
Make flashcards of the rest of the vocab words on
page 103 and bring flashcards to class.
Wednesday April 26
April 26
review vocab/write ancient Roman time travel story
translate Latin myth text
handout. Write Latin and English translation on a
separate piece of paper
Thursday April 27
April 28
review vocab/plural and singular/
continue writing ancient roman time travel story
Read pages 107 & 108 and answer questions on a separate sheet in full sentences
Friday April 28
April 28
Ancient Roman time travel story
Work on Latin Wanted project
Monday April 29

Please see the rest of Latin Wanted project below!

Today's topic
Tues. April 18
Ancient Roman cities
Write a paragraph (5-6 sentences) comparing Ancient Roman
cities with modern American cities. Use notes taken in-class on
video (shown in class today and tomorrow)
Thursday April 20
Wed. April 19
Ancient Roman cities
cont.(also Roman civil. in Gaul
see above
see above
Thursday April 20
Irregular verbs
page 105 learn and do exercise- page given as a handout.
Friday April 21
Friday April 21
New vocab. Pax Romana and white board exercise with irregular verbs
Draft of latin Wanted project is due on Monday.
Monday April 24

Today's Topic
Due date
April 10
pages 90-92 in workbook and also finish p 97 (started or in some cases finished in class
Tues. April 11
April 11
Body Parts Monster and Roman numbers
Write the plurals of all the vocabulary words on page 90. Some are same as the genitive- others are different
write them all, even if they are the same!
Wednesday April 12
April 12
pages 99-101 If not finished in class please finish at home
Thursday April 13
April 13
Review Body parts (Bingo) and if time LYCU phrase
Study vocab. on page 90 for quiz (nominative, genitive and gender of noun. ( ex. lingua, linguae,f.= tongue)
Make sure to bring workbook to class as they will be collected and Chapter 7 pages graded (90-101)
Friday April 14
April 14
Body parts Quiz
Work on Latin Wanted Project
Draft due Monday April 24

Dear Parents and Students,

This week I introduced students to our next Latin Project. Each student received a 2 page double-sided packet describing the project.
The rough draft is due Monday April 24 and the final project is due Mon. May 15. I have more copies as I noticed a few students left theirs behind on their desks and on the floor.
I also attach the first page (with the other three pages to be attached soon- once I scan them).

This project could require a little parent involvement. Please do not hesitate to write me if you have any questions after you are able to read the full project- either by asking your child to show it to you (as I hope they might have already done!) or by reading it here on the wiki.


Mrs. Afokpa

Today's class Topic
Today's assignment
April 3
introduce Body parts vocab
make flashcards/ learn first 7 words on page 90 of workbook
Tuesday April 4
April 4
continue with body parts vocabulary
and work on English derivatives from these new vocab. words
make flashcards for next 7 words and study them
Wed. April 5
April 5
Introduce Roman numerals
make flashcards for remaining 8 new vocab. words page 90
learn the words and bring flashcards to class on Friday
Thur April 6
April 6
Myth Class- work on a poem about self/Latin/Mythology
No homework except to review 22 vocab words and bring flashcards to class
Friday April 7
April 7
Review of body parts and Roman Numerals (games)
Do Weekend Worksheet III
Mon. April 10

Today's Class Topic
Today's assignment
March 13
Last part of Hercules story
two mythology handouts
Tuesday March 14, but now due Wed. march 1
March 14

March 15
National Mythology Exam
and for those who had class Vocab review

March 16
Vocab review Vocab Victory Review of Horatii legend
Write a summary or a comic of the legend
as in the handout I gave (or workbook) Bonus is
to add the trail of Publius.
Due Friday but will be accepted Monday as there
is a quiz tomorrow
March 17
Chapter 6 Vocab Quiz
LYVCU phrases/conjugation review
Translation Handout....Review for Chapter 5 & 6 Test (Tuesday)
We have been reviewing in class and will continue
on Monday.
Translation handout due Monday March 20

Today's Class Topic
Today's Assignment
Mon. Feb. 27
Conjugation review
Finish late or missing homework
finish original myth.
Tues. Feb. 28
for original Myth due
Fri. March 3
Tues. Fri. 28
Word order in latin.
Lycu phrase 'vincit qui se vincit'
Workbook pages 80 and 81
including learning rest of vocabulary
on page. 80
Wed. March 1.
Wed. March 1
introduction of new lycus, review of old lycus, vocab victory,
translation and conjugation practice
page 87 of workbook.
Thursday March 2
Thurs. March 2
Started review for national Mythology Exam
reviewed gods and goddesses and or/ continued in Myth book
No homework for Friday

Fri. March 3
Pandora's Box ( or jar)
Take notes made in class, and continue reading
(not all classes had time (E) or took time to finish 2 page reading of Prometheus and Pandora)
Homework is answer the 15 questions on separate paper and in complete sentences.
Class watched video twice and was given time to read. Students were given Question sheet and two page reading to take home.

Today's Class Topic
Today's Assignment
Tues. Feb. 21
Vocab review , LYCUs
read page 82 & 83 answer questions
on page 83 in workbook
Wed. Feb. 22
Wed. Feb. 22
Grouop Discussion on Horatii and Curiatii
based on readings in workbooks
Study conjugations 1 and 2 house. Quiz for Thursday
or in case of A class as missed class on Wed and sub told them to
study LYCU Quiz for Friday
Thurs Feb. 23

Thurs. Feb. 23
Quiz, Myth questions, Word Search Homework is finish original myth for Grade 5 book
Friday Feb. 24

Fri. Feb. 24
Original Myth cooperative work day Homework is Weekend worksheet #2
Due Monday Feb. 27

Today's Class Topic
Today's Assignment
Feb. 13
Review Activities/gods and goddesses/Conjugation/latin translation
Workbook corrections
Review all Vocab from chapters 1-5
Tuesday Feb. 14
Feb. 14
Derivatives and Dictionary work
Write 10 sentences using derivatives from chapter 5 master derivative sheet.
A class will get sheet on Wednesday. All other classes got sheet in class.
Due Wed. Feb. 15
Feb. 15
Learned family vocabulary.Made flashcards. Made family tree in Latin
Conjugation sheet handout.
Due Thurs. Feb. 16
Feb. 16
review 1st and 2 nd conjugation/read mythology
Learn next 6 Family vocab words. Review first 6 vocab words chapter 6 in workbook
Due Friday Feb. 17
Feb. 17
Myth book Day. Students will work on original Myths.
Latin Review sheet see below!!!
Tues.Tuesday Feb.21 .
Students should always be reviewing vocabulary which is best done with flashcards. Students should have blank flashcards to bring to class.

Today's Class Topic
Today's assignment
Mon. Feb. 6
Review of conjugation, review of Vocab for Quiz tomorrow,
Review of map for bonus part of quiz tomorrow
Study vocab. page 68 page given out in class on Friday and again on Monday
Tues. Feb. 7
Vocab Quiz Make-up plus Bonus/Mythology work
Wed. Feb. 8
Wed. Feb. 8
Vocab. victory, Roman Comic, Conjugation Game
Those who did not do an original Myth should write one, those who handed theirs
in last quarter should think about how to improve it - either the illustration, the storytelling,
the scientific part.
Thurs. Feb. 9
Thurs. Feb. 9
Mythology Day: Work on Original Myths in Class
Continue working on original Myth for Grade 5 Myth book
Friday Feb. 10
Fri. Feb. 10

Mon. Feb. 13

Week of January 30

Today's class topic
Today's assignment
Mon Jan 30
Conjugations of first and second
Translate 16 verbs on page
Tues Jan. 31
Tues Jan 31
Review conjugations and go over home work
make a conjugation thingamajig in class
Do derivatives on page 74
Wed. Feb. 1
Wed. Feb. 1
Derivatives in workbook story pages 75 & 76
finish derivatives page 75/76/
do page 77. Bring workbooks to
Thurs Feb 2
Thurs. Feb. 2
Daedalus and Icarus Myth
last chance to catch up on workbooks p 68 - 77
(we will do page 73 in class together tomorrow)
Friday Feb. 3
Fri. Feb. 3
Latin Review/ p 73 in wkbk/ time to finish Deadalus and Icarus

Week of January 23

Sorry there was nothing here, but most homework was to learn the new Chapter V Vocabulary on page 68. Homework is always written on the board and students are directed EVERY day in first five minutes to write down the homework. Students were assigned to learn the first six verbs on page 68 Monday and the second 6 on Tuesday.Students were given flashcards on Monday to start learning these verbs in class and were asked to bring their own flashcards on Tuesday to continue with the second set of 6 verbs. Homework on Friday for Monday was to do bottom of page 68 and 69.

Please help students by having index cards for them and reviewing vocabulary with them at home. This is very important and a great way to help!!!!

Week of January 10
Class Topic
Tonight's Assignment
Mon. Jan. 9
Start working on creating your own myth according
to handout. Make sure to have question
your myth is answering ready to be approved in class
Jan. 10
Tuesday Jan 10
Latin Vocab
Translate comic (handout in class)
Jan. 11
Wednesday Jan 11

Rough draft of create your own myth including scientific part
Jan 12
Thursday Jan 12

Study for Chapter 3 and 4 Test

Friday Jan 13 Finish your myth. Final draft is due Tuesday Jan. 17

Students should be reviewing Chapter 3 and 4 as Chapter Test is Wednesday January 18

Week of January 3
Class Topic
Tonight's Assignment
Jan. 3
Review of Chapters 3 and parts of
Chapter 4
No Homework

Jan. 4
Review of Chapter 4
Review Chapter 3 Words and
pages 50 - 54 in Workbook
Jan. 5
Read pages 57-60 and underline the derivatives
Jan. 6
Read pages 61 and 62 and answer the 6 questions on p. 62
on a separate piece of paper and in complete sentences
Jan. 9

Monday December 12
Class topic
Tonight's Assignment
Dec. 12
Mythology Quiz
Study Vocab of chapter 4- the six first Classroom commands (or verbs)
bring index cards to class
Dec. 13
Dec. 13

Dec. 14

Dec. 15

Dec. 16

Monday December 12 is a short Mythology Quiz of Gods and Goddesses plus a few questions on Perseus Myth
Friday December 16 is a LYCU phrases quiz

Class Topic
Tonight's Assignment
Dec. 4
Perseus Myth part 2
Review Vocab Chapter 1
Dec. 5
Dec. 5
Perseus Myth Part 3
Finish reading Perseus Myth part 4
Start on summary which is due Monday
Dec. 11

Dec. 6

Homework for week of November 28
Class Topic
Tonight's Assignment
Nov. 28
Roman provinces/modern European Countries
Start to learn provinces....
learn names of provinces and their modern country names pages 45-48
in textbook/workbook. We will continue this in class tomorrow

Nov. 29
Roman provinces/modern European Countries

Nov. 30
review of LYCU phrases
finish pasting the phrases on sheets and translating them. also
add when or in what situation one might say each phrase.
I will also be collecting the mythology flash cards . This was earlier homework.

Dec. 1
Please review Latin verbs and infinitives over the weekend making sure you
have completed pages 40 and 41 of the workbook. Even if you have done them,
go over the pages again and review the verbs of chapter 3 on page 33

Homework for the Week of Nov. 21

Class Topic
Tonight's Assignment
Date Due
Nov. 21
Conversation with vocab. of chaps 1, 2 and 3

Review of LYCU phrases
Return of projects
review vocab flashcards for Chapter
1, 2 and 3. Continue with mythology flashcards
(making pages with flashcard plus illustration)
Nov. 22
Nov. 22

Homework for Thanksgiving break: finish flashcard pages
of gods and goddesses (12)
Nov. 28

Homework for the Week of November 14
Class Topic
Tonight's Assignment
Date due
Roman School
pages 42 and 43 (started in class)
Nov. 15
review of vocabulary,
video of girls' life in Ancient Rome
review of infinitives
review ALL vocabulary
Chapter 1, 2 and 3
Bring to class mythology
Nov. 16
Comparison of Life in Ancient Rome and
Present USA
Nihil..but remember to bring mythology
flashcards to class
Nov. 17
Study flashcards
Nov. 18
Review vocab of chapters 1, 2 & 3 and continue with mythology
Nov. 21
Nota bene:

Workbooks will be collected tomorrow Tuesday and should be up to date through page 43.

Students can make up the Vocabulary quiz at any time this quarter, but must come to a tutorial
with Ms. Afokpa first.

As some students' grades are quite low, I will be accepting the derivative story Tuesday and Wednesday also.

Projects are almost all graded, but not quite....coming soon......Projects can be taken home on Mondyay as the grades will come in on Monday for the projects...y

Homework for the week of November 7
Class Topic
Tonight's Assignment
Due Date
Verbs and conjugations
pages 37 and 39 in workbook
Verbs and conjugations continued
page 40
Chapter 3 Derivatives
Make a story using at least 7-10- but preferably more
derivatives from the sheet handed out in class.
The Trojan War
Check workbook to make sure pages 32-40 have been completed
All of these have been assigned earlier.
Page 37 was done in class and we will check p. 37 in class.
Workbooks will be checked on Tuesday.
Use tutorial on Monday if having a problem with pages 32-40.
Also, I will still accept the derivative story
(due today-Thursday) on Monday,
but that is the latest date.

Homework for the week of October 31

Class topic
Tonight's homework
Due date
Sharing of Ancient Roman World projects
with classmates
Bring vocab. (Chapter 3) flashcards to class
Nov. 1
Vocab review of Chapter 3 (Vocab quiz on Friday Nov. 4) making of Mythology flashcards
Study Mythology flashcards
Nov. 2
Mythology flashcards
Study mythology flashcards
Nov. 3
Dictionary Entries
Study for vocab quiz
Nov. 4
Vocab Quiz for Chapter 3 words/ time to work on Dictionary wksheetl
Finish dictionary worksheet. This is worth 5 points homework and 5 class participation. E class can have extra time as we had no E class on Thursday (if necessary)
Monday Nov. 7

Homework for week of October 24
Class topic
Tonight's homework
Due date
Nouns vs. Verbs

Make flashcards of classroom words
Learn vocab words. Classroom words, p. 33 by heart.

Materials required: Latin workbook
Continuation of vocab for chapter 3 (verbs and nouns)

Learned a new LYCU phrase, introduced verbs, did a review sheet on nouns
-the Classroom words- students learned
Make flashcards of Activity words (verbs) p 33
Materials required: Latin workbook

reviewed Latin sentences, found places on map of Roman Empire, watched 2 videos of Hannibal's crossing otf the Alps
page 34 and 35 in workbook
review flashcards ( Vocab quiz Friday Nov. 4)

stations with different types of dictionaries
Review flashcards.
(Continue working on the Ancient Rome project)

stations with different types of dictionaries
Work on the Ancient Rome project which is due Monday October 31
Updated Project Documents

Upcoming Assessments:

Project due Monday October 31.

Class topic
Tonight's homework
Due date
Review for test
Study for chapter 1 and 2 test using review sheet worked on in class

Chapter 1 and 2 Test
Work on Project. Keep track of sources.
October 24
How to record sources with school librarian
Work on Project. If you have missing work, complete it by Monday. Here is a file that includes assignments available for make up.

MLA Works Cited Page to fill in for your project!
October 24
Work on Project. Work on Make Up assignments (see Wednesday for documents)

MLA Works Cited Page to fill in for your project!


Work on Make Up assignments. These are due on Monday.

Project due on Monday, October 31. New instructions below:

MLA Works Cited Page to fill in for your project!
10.24 and

Homework for Monday October 17

Students should be working on their Ancient Roman World project. That has also been the homework for the past two days. Thereis also a Chapter 1 and 2 Review test on Tuesday October 18. This will include questions from the vocab quiz, from the LYCU pop quiz as well as the LYCU review sheet we worked on in class on Monday (Tuesday morning for Section B). There will also be questions on the Romulus and Remus myth and some history. Basically it is a review test of all material in Chapter 1 and 2. These two major final items- the project and the test- should provide an opportunity to help students improve their grades.

Homework for Tuesday October 11

Start Latin project. Students should have a paper signed by the teacher which approves topic choice. Start doing research- looking up things about your topic.
Review flashcards with latin vocabulary from Chapters 1 and 2.
If possible please buy another folder with prongs for the mythology classwork. It an be of any color as we will keep it in the classroom.

Homework for Wednesday October 5
Do Latin vocabulary worksheet which we started in class. There will be a make up vocabulary quiz in class on Thursday October 7. This worksheet will help you prepare for the make up quiz. Also look over your test. Look at vocabulary on pages 4 and 25 in the workbook to help you do the worksheet and help you prepare. Go over your vocabulary flash cards also. If you have not yet made them, you should do so.
Homework for Monday September 26
Bring workbook up to date. Remember to also do page 17 which some started in class on Thursday. (Do not do pages 2 and 9 as we will do these 2 pages in class). The workbook will be collected on Tuesday. I highly recommend that students transfer work from the Chapter 1 handout to the new workbook. If they do not they must hand in both the new workbook and the chapter 1 handout on Tuesday. If they have transferred the material I will award one bonus point.
Homework For Friday Sept. 23
Read pages 29-31 of workbook. answer questions 1-6
Homework for Thursday Sept. 22
Review / Learn vocab. page 25 of workbook
Homework for Wednesday September 21
Learn vocabulary on page 25 of workbook
Homework for Tuesday September 20
Extra day for handout
Homework for Monday September 19
Answer questions on handout

Week of September 12

Homework for Tuesday September 13

Read AD Astra story in workbook and underline the derivates.

Homework for Wednesday September 14
Continue with Ad Astra story. There are 37 derivatives from the 20 Latin root words we went over in class.

Homework for Thursday September 15
Translate the comic we handed out in class. Write the Latin phrases and their English translation on a separate paper (not under the comic! Students may have until Friday to finish this.

Homework for Monday September 12
Write the story of Cincinnatus as it was told in class. Also write why you think this story was so important for the Romans. For the last class of Friday who did not hear it, you will do this for Tuesday. I will tell it for you on Monday during class.

Week of September 6

Homework for Friday September 9
Write five sentences in English using words (derivates) from the chart which was handed out in class. Underline the derivative. Write the Latin word which is the root under the sentence.

Homework for Thursday September 8

Nihil (nothing)

Homework for Wednesday, September 7

Write the story of the founding of Rome.

It was told in class today. This should be written in the Latin notebook or typed and printed. There were notes on the board and it was retold a second time, so students should be able to do a summary of it. This will be collected tomorrow. The Latin workbooks will be collected tomorrow also and should have the comic conversations in Latin ( which were due today Tuesday) in them.

Homework for Monday, August 29

Learn (memorize) entire Latin conversation, all four boxes (from the handout).

Homework for Friday, August 26

Learn Latin conversation, first two boxes.

Homework for Thursday, August 25

Make sure to have your supplies—especially the green folder!
Nota bene: A new workbook is being created, but it won't be available for a few weeks. Stay tuned!

Search for any Latin words or phrases on American coins and/or bills (if possible).